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He is the son of Oscar-winning movie star Spence Montgomery and is also a professional tennis player. Before Navid confesses, Teddy comes in and saves the day. He starts with lht questions about tennis, and then he asks why he came back to California from boarding school – especially since he was kicked out for being caught with two naked girls in his room. During the date, Adrianna was jealous to see Teddy kissing his girlfriend. She dislikes Teddy because of what he did to Adrianna so she tells him she'll complete the project on her own.

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Bradley Steven Perry (“Gabe”) is up tonht, followed by Eric Allan Kramer (on Thursday) and Leh-Allyn Baker (Friday).

GoodBye Charlie - Series Finale - <strong>Teddy</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Spencer2</strong> -

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He took care of his mom before she died years back.

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In the clip below, surprise party guest Spencer, at wee Charlie’s urging, joins Teddy for a touching duet.Good Luck Charlie - pedia

Are teddy and spencer still dating:

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