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Also appearing throughout the show are two commentators who discuss and reflect on the action as it happens with super-slow mo replays and many other sporting conventions.

When is Three Girls on BBC One tonht, who's in the cast with.

It's a huge bonus to have Doyle Mac Manus and James Chetwynd Talbot on board to provide the kind of sensitive commentary that is a perfect companion to that tricky and unforgiving first date moment."Executive producers Joff Powell and Simon Welton add: "Working with a contemporary comedy icon like Rob Rgle is an absolute pleasure and we wrote the role with him in mind.

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BBC Three - Kurtan guide to dating in the country. -

Using a cross-genre combination, we have been able to utilise our reality and comedy experience to create a unique entity.

Apprentice Vana Koutsomitis releases DatePlay app - BBC News

Sees dating turned into a competitive sport, American style, with all of the sporting conventions that go with it - overblown graphics, music and scripted comedy analysis.Is BBC Three 'mockumentary' This Country the best British comedy.

Bbc three dating:

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