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I can see that this guy is willing to work things out with me. But sometimes when I talk to him about this relationship all he would say is "Im not perfect so if you dont like it then we'll cut this short then". Has anybody (especially the ladies) had any similar experience to this? He has been with his girlfriend for 8 years and it works because she is extremely placid, has her own large circle of friends, very intellent and doesn't in anyway take herself seriously - they both have the most amount of respect for each other, and 8 years on are very happy and laugh a lot.

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Well only advice is maybe tap into you're emotional side, I'm guessing you're the more extraverted of the two?

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I had an issue with him before on ing me names (like norant) and he when I told him about how I feel about that, he apologized and never did it again. You would never wonder where you stood with him so to speak.

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