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One Colorado man sealed the deal with more than a ring.

Do tattoo artists only use laser to erase a tattoo? Do they ever tattoo.

Never having done a tattoo before, she told ABC News it was “nerve-racking” because “you’re about to put a needle in somebody,” but little did she know what would happen next." data-reactid="17"The moment was caught on camera as tattoo artist Capaldo-Smith, 30, talked Wodark, 23, into tattooing a heart on his ankle.

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“He told me I was going to tattoo a heart on his ankle and I was freaking out.

Man surprises girlfriend with marriage-proposal tattoo he. - Yahoo

I know she gets guys throwing themselves in all rediculous ways all day long at her. Her friend and fellow tattoo artist seems to be sticking up for me in conversation, and urging me towards her. Her back was too me but I couldtell her face was red.. I cant wait artists feel partial to peices they have done on there crushes? Sounds like you have something of a friendship, though how much of one is unclear.Dating a tattoo artist? Yahoo Answers

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