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(And once you're done with these, check out The 5 Most Ridiculous Sex Apps.)If you've ever considered a dating coach, look no further than your fingertips.

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Finding a date is (sometimes) as easy as swiping left on your smartphone.

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Jyst – The Relationship Advice App

If you are the dumpee, chances are you are kidding yourself that the dumper will change their mind. Forgive, Don’t Forget: Get angry, scream at the walls, vent to your friends but give yourself a time limit. (It’s hard, we know.) You don’t have to tell the offending ex that you’re forgiving them (in fact, don’t): it’s enough to know it in your heart. Selective amnesia and the tendency to remember only happy times is too great a risk. And definitely don’t mention your ex when you get back out there.

Agonyapp Anonymous Relationship

Nine months later Jyst, the crowdsourced anonymous dating advice app, was born. Some of the most common questions have to do with exes. Are you hoping they will see pictures of them crying into their beer? And you don’t care about their new life – or you won’t, eventually. Dating advice app -

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