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That's not to say you can't find the man of your dreams via your i Phone—it's just that unwanted messages and bad dates can be discouraging.

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The good news: A new series of just-launched apps are changing the online dating.

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So, after reading thousands of posts, here’s what we learned NOT to do: Fall into the ‘Let’s Be Friends’ Trap: Trying to ease the pain of a break-up by staying friends is a losing proposition. It’s a hard truth, but no one really cares all that much after a certain point, so avoid boring your friends to tears. Put your phone in the freezer if you have to, but do not go to sleep with it close by if you are at all at risk to drink and text.

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I needed new, objective women to give me the straht truth (and help me leave poor Nadina alone). So, ask yourself, what exactly do you think you will get out of checking their Snapchat stories, Insta accounts, or FB feed? Jyst – The Relationship Advice App

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