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In conclusion, the VS2421 is a great buy and product from Altec Lansing and boasts more clarity and bass than the BRX1121 which does a slhtly hollow sound to it.

S/508 S/510 S

Although the wired control is a clever device, it is a little fiddly to use but does give users who wish to communicate over the internet an extra option.

S/508 S/510 S

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I'm an old tennis player living in Redding and buy all kinds of stuff.

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In a matter of minutes, our PC was rocking to MP3's and the like which boasted quite a decent sound experience. Games really had a grunt behind them as did the capability of listening to music on the VS2421.Altec Lansing S/2 Mini H2O Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers - Page 1.

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