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Through that time, though, I wore my body down a bit, (my back... I came home safe and sound...everything working and where it should be. I have massive nerve damage in my thh from multiple surgeries and I have Dementia thanks... I am 60 now and have had many more health problems since I was granted disability in about '82. I went into the Airforce in 1982 after going through Army basic and A. I developed fibromyalgia and chronic fatue syndrome. At first the VA didn't pay me what it was supposed to. I spent 7 and a half years to the day in the US Army.

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I am no hero, I just got hurt a lot over the years and kept pushing on through the pain. I served in Viet Nam in 19 and was exposed to Agent Orange.

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How to Date a Veteran Dating Tips -

They BS on all about how you will make friends and be invited with other entrants places... they are all snobby ...there were a few nice girls but the co-ordinators dont do enough to make the... The load crew i was on was awesome, it seemed like we were getting awards left and rht for being the best...

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I thought I would have the chance to continue my career after I was initially found fit for duty. I cycled through jobs about once a year and moved just about as often. I'm not sure how else to explain it other than I seriously feel like I have rotten Army brain. I did the first half of my SRP, took my kids home to meet my parents and when I returned to do the second half of my SRP I found out I was pregnant. i received a letter from the dav today and was told that the va is proposing to discontinue entitlement to individual unemployability benefits. iam very upset and this comes the day before thanksgiving. Dating for disabled veterans - Viešbutis „Pušynė“

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