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I am a lucky man, I served our Country with honor in a variety of unusual assnments for 21 years.

I'm Married To A Disabled Combat Veteran With PTSD -- This Is.

Questions better left to social science of 151 for dating veterans is not the goal of this article.

I'm Married To A <strong>Disabled</strong> Combat Veteran With PTSD -- This Is.

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I had just turned 24 when it happened back in 1993. After I left the Army in 98 I had difficulty holding a job. I also broke my left leg and walked on a broken leg for 10 days as I was told 'suck it up its just sprained'. However, like many other veterans I did not realize that...

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They said they'll all go to the street this winter, wheelchair and all. i have also been trying for the same period to get 100% disability for unemployability and...What It’s Like To Love A Combat Veteran Thought Catalog

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