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Exclusive 'Survivor Worlds Apart' castoff Jenn Brown talks Part 1.

H: Yeah, I mean, I would take merge over pre-merge every day of the week but I think. The first vote after the merge should be the most strategic of the game, where the line should be drawn in the sand. But that was my strategy and I think it’s true, to an extent; there were people in the game who were much bger threats than me.

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Because you have that taste of the merge, and you think you made it, and then it gets taken away from you. I mean, if they did that would be tragic but I’ve never really felt that.

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I told them, ‘Hey, if we just get Debbie and Aubrey, we have this thing.’ I mean, I was scrambling for my life that day and that didn’t come out. I was shocked, stunned and just perplexed that I was about to go home because someone actually thought I had an idol. But maybe they really did think that I had an idol. SB: Are there any moves that you wish you had made or any regret that you now have looking back on this, watching the episode as it was edited?

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CBS Local – CBS aired Season 34, Episodes 8 & 9 of Survivor: Game Changes, and we had the chance to interview the recent castoffs, Hali Ford and Ozzy Lusth. My strategy going in was to lay low and paint myself as a non-threat, which I tried to do throughout the game, to kind of tell people that I was a goat.Exclusive 'Survivor Worlds Apart' castoff Hali Ford talks Part 2.

Hali and joe survivor dating:

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