Hook up drawing for rtd

RTD Calibrator - Fluke

Note: Reference the Specifications Manual for your particular RTD to determine its required excitation level.

What is hook up drawing? and How to read a hook up drawing.

A resistance close to the nominal gage resistance (typiy 100 ohms) indicates that the wire leads are on opposite sides of the resistive element.

What is <b>hook</b> up <b>drawing</b>? and How to read a <b>hook</b> up <b>drawing</b>.

RTD Temperature Transmitter - Omega Engineering

Connect one of the black (or white) lead to excitation negative and the other to channel negative.

Rosemount Type 1 Drawings - Emerson

Jumper the excitation positive to the channel positive on the DAQ device.Temperature Transmitter Hook Up Drawing

Hook up drawing for rtd:

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