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Study Interracial Marriage Becoming More Common CBS Dallas.

He said, “When I went back to the photos, I was surprised to see how many different couples were not the exact same ethnicity.” From a marriage counseling standpoint, Denton Bible Church Senior Pastor, Tom Nelson said, race is rarely an issue.

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According to a new Pew Research Center study, they’ve more than doubled in the last two decades so that now, 1 out of every 12 marriages is a mixed race marriage.

Study <i>Interracial</i> Marriage Becoming More Common CBS Dallas.

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Joanna and Jeremy Ridge are an interracial couple from Denton. “When we were dating, we would go to restaurants and a lot of older people would stare at us,” she said.

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(Even though to the eye, I'm black.) I can tend to be shy at first, but will come out once I get to know you.Interracial dating between Blacks and Hispanics in the Dallas-Ft.

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