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Freakshow' Star Asia Ray Learns 'What A

Frank disappeared after the brutal murder of his parents.

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When she and Asia start working at the freak show, they also start spending more time with the freaks. Welcome to Cemetery Drive home to the greatest Churches, Morgues, Mausoleums, and Grave Yards~ But there are dark secrets locked away here so watch how you play your cards~ When you get the feeling that something isn't rht, lock yourself away and say so long and goodnht~ Prepare for all the ...

Freakshow' Star <b>Asia</b> <b>Ray</b> Learns 'What A

Freakshow' Star Asia Ray Learns 'What A Mouse. -.

Leaving behind a dark past, and looking for a new future, she moves into a small flat and takes up a job at St. Instead of meeting her death, she gains the first chapter of her new life, in which she finds more than just a chance of survival.

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Lunette never had a chance to really know her sister.Morgue - Home

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