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The next major issue I had with your company was when Wow came to repair our nehbors internet, while repairing their internet service they disconnected our service entirely, we discovered the phones, credit card machines, and internet were down about , I believe it went down sooner then that, but we didn't realize it.

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I asked for a phone number and they gave me a number and a code to another division of Wow that does not have Lawrence accounts in their billing system.

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I had to be on hold for over an hour sorting it out. This email is to bring to lht the numerous issues I have had with your company.

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Our average sales for dinner is between $400-500, that nht we had to turn away countless customers who wanted to pay with a credit card, we also had no phone service for carryout or delivery customers, which accounts for 60% of our sales.Best Online Hookup Stories - AskMen

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