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Over the past decade we have witnessed a remarkable development and proliferation of accelerator mass spectrometers; these instruments have reduced the counting time by a factor of 100 and reduced the sample size by a factor of 1000 compared to the classic B-counting systems.

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Our online radiocarbon calibration curve presented in this WEB site is a stand alone alternative to existing radiocarbon calibration curves that infer calendar ages based on interpolations and correlations of local climate proxies in deep-sea cores to the chronology of ice core proxies or assumptions about sedimentation rates.

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It is estimated that nearly 90% of all measurements made at the more than 50 active accelerator mass spectrometry laboratories are radiocarbon dates.

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In our laboratory, we have overlapped and extended the tree-ring radiocarbon calibration from 3,000 to 55,000 yrs.Radiocarbon dating - Simple English pedia, the free.

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