Dating a jobless guy

How long would you stay with a jobless person? dating, boyfriend.

Hi, I'm just upset rht now and I was hoping someone would be interested in listening.

Would You Date Someone Who is Unemployed? Tie the Money Knot

And, aside from not job-searching, I have a hard time seeing how he's really doing anything productive.

Type of losers men you shouldn't even bother <em>dating</em> YNaija

Women Don't Date Unemployed Men. But The Other Way Around Is.

And by "waiting" I mean, he doesn't apply for any other jobs while he's waiting to hear from these people. I think he should be applying for anything and everything RHT now and he should stop playing the waiting game because I'm not sure I can afford pay our bills by myself for long.

Type of losers men you shouldn't even bother dating YNaija

Not only that, but he usually acts disappointed on days when I don't feel like working out, because then he doesn't get an extra hour or so to play games some more.Online Dating Adventures of an Unemployed Man -

Dating a jobless guy:

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