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'Why He Disappeared' is exactly what I would have wanted to write if I were a man...

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I don’t have many hobbies to focus on which is probably part of my problem. I used to have a happier more fulfilling life when I didn’t think so much about guys. ☺ The wisest among us are the ones who can acknowledge and understand another’s point of view.

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I have a lot of fears, loneliness, and the need for someone to be affectionate and hold me. Dear Asey, Did you ever notice how two people can look at the exact same situation through completely different eyes? Here’s your truth: You think you’re not good enough for men.

Why He Disappeared - Dating Coach -

Evan tells it to us straht - with humor, with passion, and in a way that will stick with you - that will actually make a huge difference for you.Find Love in South Africa - Join our Free

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