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During the 2004 presidential campan, pundits started talking about the security mom, a successor to 2000's "soccer mom" and in theory a powerful voting bloc.

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The first article in The New York Times that used "hockey mom" as a demographic term was a 1999 review of the Chevrolet Silverado, a full-size pickup truck.

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The first reference to the phrase soccer mom in the US national media has been traced to 1982. Dionne, the article's author, quoted Alex Castellanos (at the time a senior media advisor to Bob Dole) suggesting that Bill Clinton was targeting a voting demographic whom Castellanos ed the "soccer mom." The soccer mom was described in the article as "the overburdened middle income working mother who ferries her kids from soccer practice to scouts to school." The article suggested that the term soccer mom was a creation of political consultants.

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The number of articles on soccer moms in major newspapers increased from a combined total of 12 for the months of August and September, to a total of 198 for October and November.How many of you don't like dating 30 and 40 something soccer.

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