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Hmmm..didn't stand up with fists to the air and proclaim 'Yes. And then he followed up on this conversation that was obviously very important to her.... Come on this whole deal has FWB written all over it! I only want to date you." If the guy was concerned about committing because he's been burned, or is simply inexperienced, he may well have taken that exactly the same way you are taking his comments.

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If someone isn't going to not date or marry someone due to that, that's being too picky/anal if you ask me. Being $100K in debt from school loans (or maybe to start a business) & paying it down is definitely different from being $100K in debt due to gambling & not caring about paying it down. Marriage with it....depends on how well they manage their debt AND how much is it. If she's only making minimum payments while she goes and buys louie vitton often, then i may think twice about taking it further than dating. All have good jobs and careers, but with that debt halo over their heads.

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You k now how many doctors & lawyers are still paying off their school loans? Again I'm not to sure on taking that step with women who have huge load of money on their heads.Quotes About Christian Marriage 31 quotes - Goodreads

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