Fetal size and dating charts

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Fetal heart rate reactivity and fetal breathing develop with advancing gestational age; therefore, the absence of these biophysical parameters may be interpreted as abnormal for fetuses in whom the gestational age has been overestimated.

Morhometry of fetal femora as an indication of gestational age

Fetal growth assessment, either cliniy or by ultrasound evaluation, also relies on accurate assessment of gestational age.

First trimester sonographic <b>dating</b> formula for the Nerian obstetric.

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Similarly, the magnitude of increased optical density above baseline at 450 nm (delta OD 450) by amniotic fluid spectrophotometric measurement is used to predict the severity of fetal hemolytic disease in pregnancies complicated by rhesus isoimmunization.

Correlation of Fetal Age and Measurements Between 10 and 26.

In the past gestational age was established by a combination of the historical information and the physical examination.Prenatal assessment of gestational age and estimated date of delivery

Fetal size and dating charts:

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