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They quickly joke back and forth, and Sam ends the exchange with, “ Is that a joke? Again, it’s hard to tell, but many fans have already taken that as proof that they’re living together.

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In the end, what matters is that Outlander fans have found the perfect Claire and Jamie. If they’re not dating, then I feel bad for the people they do end up dating

Are courteney cox and matt leblanc <i>dating</i> <i>friends</i> <i>stars</i>

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They joke a LOT in interviews, so it could have just been a result of sleep deprivation and random humor.

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Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry have made like their Friends characters and started dating while sneakily keeping it a secret from their flatmates (well, in this case, us).Friends Star Lisa Kudrow Met Her Husband While He Was Dating Her.

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