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Whitney's sister Carly -- also a student at Taylor -- was the first to hear that something was wrong. And now I just started noticing people just kind of running around everywhere and coming up to me and talking to me and asking me if I had talked to Whitney. Colleen Cerak: And so Newell kept on hearing, you know, that little beep on the phone. Colleen Cerak: --Carly-- Matt Lauer: Someone was trying to get through. So then she tried me and that's when, you know, she didn't talk long at all. I was shaky today, Laurie, wanting so badly for you to wake up ... Wake up, sweetie --I want to talk to you and see your beautiful face --look into your eyes. Matt Lauer: On Saturday, April 29, the day before the funeral, you held a visitation. Matt Lauer: By the way, it was also Whitney’s birthday?

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The impact flung passengers and their belongings all over the interstate. She was desperate for news, hoping Whitney had survived. That Whitney was one of the victims in the accident. I just was just so sad that I just said, "Thank you." I didn't really talk very long on the phone. On April 27, the day after the crash, Taylor University held a prayer service for the victims. Colleen Cerak: They had like the b projector screen. Two days after the crash: April 28, 2006 Her left leg (femur) and left elbow are broken and have been placed in casts.

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Laura and Whitney were both outgoing and atetic, with a wide circle of friends. Newell Cerak: It was really good to hear the laughter, too, there. It was like we were participating but not really participating. They set her broken leg and elbow, and added a couple of plates for stabilization.

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She's been in an accident." And it took me a second or so to kind of grasp that. They're not always fatal and, you know, so that's what you're thinking. I just didn't -- I needed information and I couldn't get it. What neither family knew yet was just how deadly the crash had been. To see your daughter or your child laying there helpless. Matt Lauer: You were handed a bag of her belongings? And so we thought, "Oh, she must have been wearing someone else's shoes."When they brought us in to see you, honey, my heart was so full of love for you. It was hard for you-- Susie Van Ryn: Kind of this-- Matt Lauer: --to think everything was going to be OK? I am a junior in hh school, and I have never had a girlfriend. Is that.

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