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The site uses facial recognition software to analyze features in the photo and the photos of other users, and spits out a "compatibility score." There's an option to message people who are hy compatible with you.

Find my look-a-like, my face double, doppelganger or my face match

I would like to believe that I'm particularly incompatible, and that Soul2Match will work well for those who want to leave their time-consuming online dating questionnaires behind forever.

Find my look-a-like, my <strong>face</strong> double, doppelganger or my <strong>face</strong> <strong>match</strong>

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While the research behind it mht be less than bulletproof, Soul2Match does have this going for it: it's an extremely simple dating site.

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Eiting and van Liempt, for instance, are a couple — and have a compatibilty score that is hher than 70%.Search Dating Apps For Any Face

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