My experience dating a white guy

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Plus, I want to have mixed children attracted to white men does not mean I am attracted to every single white man.

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And it can't be the whole "they have more curves " thing, because I've seen plenty curvy white women in my day, and plus, I myself being only as curvy as a pencil, lol. First of all let me say that i am ALL for interracial dating. I love the contrast of their skin, i love their cultures..i find them so fascinating and exotic to look at. i have a thing for eyes and I believe that's the main reason.

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And stop it with the please add me posts because it makes you look desperate and pathetic. I don't need you to send any disgusting pictures of you. I've been addicted to white men since early hh school.

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Sorry but as a white woman, I do not like tan or dark skinned men. I began to take notice of white men about a two years ago. I understand now why people say they are attracted to people they are around. (I've never had white friends or had a white guy try talking to me before) but even the slhtest confrontation or small talk makes me nervous. because of the whole "love is colourblind" thing, but I find myself so much more attracted to white guys. If that's the case, then I should never talk to a black,asian or...White Guy Dating Black Girl Tumblr -

My experience dating a white guy:

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