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Tinder Buys Wheel Video Sharing App Similar to Snapchat. - Fortune

(We can’t help but think it will make it more difficult to catfish people as well.)Obviously, posting live videos with geotagged location could make users vulnerable, but Bumble said it’s focused on safety.

Tinder acquires Wheel, an app for creating Snapchat-like video.

The 18-month-old app has not yet generated any revenue, although monetisation schemes are being planned.

Times when <em>Snapchat</em> is better than texting Free <em>Dating</em> Sites.

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Dating app Tinder is taking on Snapchat with a new self destructing picture service.

Times when Snapchat is better than texting Free Dating Sites.

The dating app, which only allows women to send the first message, has been hailed as a “feminist Tinder.” Bumble last made headlines in October, when they posted a picture to Instagram that said “for every like this post gets, Bumble will donate a dollar to Planned Parenthood.” The post received 28,747 likes by the time the campan ended.NSPCC warning over Tinder-like app for teenagers - The Telegraph

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