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The user flicks through profiles of possible matches in their area swiping their screen left for ‘nope’ and rht for ‘yes’.

Tinder Buys Wheel Video Sharing App Similar to Snapchat. - Fortune

The dating app, which only allows women to send the first message, has been hailed as a “feminist Tinder.” Bumble last made headlines in October, when they posted a picture to Instagram that said “for every like this post gets, Bumble will donate a dollar to Planned Parenthood.” The post received 28,747 likes by the time the campan ended.

Times when <em>Snapchat</em> is better than texting Free <em>Dating</em> Sites.

Tinder acquires Wheel, an app for creating Snapchat-like video.

The 18-month-old app has not yet generated any revenue, although monetisation schemes are being planned.

The dating app pictures that will get you the most rht-swipes.

If you and a potential partner both say yes to each other then you are given the chance to chat and possible meet for a date. Now the app makers have introduced Moments allowing existing matches to send temporary photos to each other.Naked men chat - Snapchat for windows phone 8 release date

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