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Among them are drug and alcohol , sex and pregnancy, bullying, depression and suicide, eating disorders, etc. Hence, social stratification could be examined in the lht of the following: It is the division of people of one society into s and communities The division is based on innate characteristics including caste, clan, tribe, race and ethnicity Individual and collective efforts also pave the way towards division of society, which include immration status, occupation, nature and level of education, geographical location, region and area and work place Some of the characteristics of social stratification are apparently inherited, though turns out to be ascribed one in later life; relious...

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2.0 Summary and Analysis of Dixon’s Article Dixon traced the orin of this racial discrimination between the 1890’s and 1910.

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According to Social Australia (2011), the Australian society has much respect for its rich egalitarian policy, though there are different social classes in the society.

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Lastly, the paper discusses the relationship of stratification and racial inequality according to Functionalist and Conflict perspectives.Essays and Research Paper Database –

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