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Then, as we all have been expecting, Jack lets the other shoe drop.

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Maybe after a month he’ll want to give me a head-spinningly generous allowance and buy me an apartment in the Village. It’s an old, played-out story because it’s been happening since the beginning of time. Man and Girl are blissfully happy in their mutually beneficial relationship for years. I went online and began researching Sugar Daddy websites. He goes on and on ad nauseum about how much money he makes and how many cars he has.

Worried Mother of Two Girls Wants Sugar Daddy" Dating Site Shut." />

Worried Mother of Two Girls Wants "Sugar Daddy" Dating Site Shut.

You know, just to keep things easy and comfortable for me so I can have more time to go on auditions. A friend and I were talking about our money problems. Brewing up schemes to get rich quick, mostly involving movie-worthy bank heists or finding buried treasure. I would rather things go insanely good or monumentally bad. Older, rich man falls for young, beautiful, talented, not-wealthy girl. I couldn’t decide which was the least gross, so I ended up joining four. I’m leaning casually against the bar drinking a dirty vodka martini, half looking around in anticipation and half trying to pretend like I wasn’t. He tells me that he would love to take me on trips and take me shopping.

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He’ll think I’m captivating over champagne and oysters. We end up in some posh back room with our own waitress.No sugar daddy for me - Youth. SG

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