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Lab Report Lab Report Atomic Dating Using Isotopes Answer the following questions about the results of this activity. Reference: Isotope Half-Life Chart Isotope | Activity 1 – Calibration Place your data from Activity 1 in the appropriate boxes below.

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~ VHS or DVD The Standard Deviants: Chemistry, Part 2 ~ VHS or DVD The Standard Deviants: Chemistry, Part 3 ~ VHS or DVD The Standard Deviants: Physics, Part 1 ~ VHS (also on DVD) The Standard Deviants: Physics, Part 2 ~ VHS (also on DVD) Ideal Gas Law Calculator Metric/SE conversion calculator Mole Calulator Science Reference Data Radioactive Decay Calculator Chemistry Calculators Physical Science Reference Data Element percentages Reaction yields (calculate your reaction yields) now testing!

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Storming Media provide these papers at snificantly below the prices chosen by the National cal Information Service (NTIS), a government agency that sells these items.

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Calculate the age of the calibration standards using the following information.Radiocarbon dating question, help. Yahoo Answers

Virtual carbon dating answers:

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