What to expect at first dating ultrasound

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Research any test before deciding whether to use it or not. For more information on prenatal testing, see the FAQs available from info on the Internet.

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B moms are STRONGLY urged to read the FAQ on Ultrasound Safety and Accuracy BEFORE reading this FAQ, so that they can better understand the benefits and risks of ultrasounds before reading about their implications in women of size.

Prenatal Testing <strong>Ultrasound</strong> in Women

Ultrasound During Pregnancy What to Expect

It's important to remember that discussing prenatal tests can be simple or incredibly complicated, depending on the degree of detail that is needed and the point under discussion.

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It is also important to realize that most women take these tests without fully considering all of the implications of the test.Week NT scan fetal nuchal

What to expect at first dating ultrasound:

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