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In this case, I believe that setting a clear boundary that says “NO” is more honest, clarifying, and potentially valuable than trying to find common ground.

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Considered in conjunction with the recent wave of hh-profile yoga scandals, it’s clear that the issue of sex and the teacher-student relationship demands our attention – as well as an appropriate response.

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I have, and I know plenty of couples that developed out of a teacher-student context. Yoga teachers love to see their students each week because it allows us an opportunity to witness growth. Demonstrate commitment to your practice because it reflects an ability to make commitments in your life, and we ladies appreciate that quality in a man. Spandex is the uniform for most yoga instructors, and because we're moving our bodies so much, most of us look pretty good in it. If you want to understand the proper alnment in plank pose, or how to better stabilize in an inversion, wait until after class and ask your teacher.

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It's the perfect foundation from which to launch an intimate connection.Cameron Shayne says he has sex with his yoga students Well+Good

Yoga teachers dating students:

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