44 year old dating 26 year old

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In some states he can and most likely will get life in prison.

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If you reeally love him, you will wait until you are 18 because in some states he can and most likely will get life in prison. It’s not fair but the law is the law and you will not be punished for breaking it but he will.

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I Am A 44 Year Old Man, What Should

And I know im 14 and at that young age but im very mature for my age and very understanding I know people are gonna comment on this saying the dudes gross and a pedifile but hes not we dont have a relationship going in the sexual department at all its not like that we just connect on a whole different level its amazing.have soo many things in common and we can even finish each others senteces,but im sooooo tired of sneking around with him its annoying,what am I supposed to doo?

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No shut up people its perfectly fine dont listen to them cause obviusly they never found true love, its perfectly fine honey, even though it is illegal if he really loves you he will wait till you're 18.Year old woman dating 21 year old, updating apple tv 1 1 to 2 0

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