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Mechaniy, this is done to give you something to do, but it creates the impression of a town full of people who just don’t like each other, or who fear interacting with one another, and require a human intermediary all the time.

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And while he’s cordial, he clearly doesn’t remember me.

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I only bring this up as one example of the weird sense of isolation that pervades sets the (first) player as the mayor of a sleepy village, where he or she lives among a bunch of talking animals, fulfills requests, hangs out in their houses, visits their shops, and generally socializes with as many of them as possible all the time.

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But in the interest of maximizing social opportunities for the player, the game cuts off all but a token amount of social opportunities for its NPCs, leaving you the mayor of a lonely populace.Animal Crossing - Tiny Cartridge 3DS

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