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In the music video, Ross appears performing the song in an apartment with an old piano.

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This piano, Serial #1225, is believed to be the first ever Steinway Art Case piano. On December 20, 1859, Patent #26532 was granted to Henry Steinway Jr. This construction not only permits the tone to travel more freely but also displaces a greater amount of air, factors that create a richer and more lasting tone. 1936: Accelerated Action - Patent #2031748 The touch of a Steinway is the most responsive and sensitive of any piano made. It is a fact that results from the way the instrument is desned and manufactured. The first book based on the rich archive of Steinway business and family papers at La Guardia Community College in New York, as well as on interviews with family members and company employees in the United States, Germany, and England, this authoritative and entertaining book tells the story of the most famous piano company in the world and of the family behind it. The unveiling of this portrait took place in the rotunda of Steinway Hall by Bruce Stevens and the Rubinstein family. 1996, Steinway & Sons was named “Company of the Year” by The Music Trades. 1997 Foundation of a new subsidiary of Steinway & Sons on 1st March ed Steinway & Sons Japan, . Created to commemorate the birth of George Gershwin, appropriately named after the famous “Rhapsody in Blue," desned by internationally known Frank Pollaro.

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Unlike Upside Down and I'm Coming Out, My Old Piano was not as successful in the United States; however, it was a commercial success in Europe, particularly in the UK, where it earned her a British Phonographic Industry silver disc award for sales in excess of 250,000 copies.

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In 1867, Steinway became the first American manufacturer to receive the “Grand Gold Medal of Honor” at the Paris piano exhibition. The same features that allow for the faster repeat also provides a much more sensitive, responsive keyboard, an aspect that can be appreciated even by beginning pianists. 1938, Theodore Steinway presented to the American Nation with the 2nd Steinway Grand Piano, #300,000. Theodore Steinway School for Concert cians, the first academy for concert cians world-wide. 1995-Steinway & Sons sold for $100,000,000 to the Selmer Company owned by Investment Bankers, Kyle Kirkland and Dana Messina. The traditional golden bronze plate has been replaced by gilded silver evoking the sophistication and style of the 1920’s. This is the piano on which John composed the song “Imagine”. 2000 Steinway Tricentennial, Limited Edition, Model A 6’2”, a joint effort between Hamburg and New York, celebrating the 300th anniversary of the piano, desned by Dakota Jackson.Yamaha piano dating Free dating site

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