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Would you date a woman that was recovering from anorexia? dating.

As children, we are taught to construct boundaries concerning our bodies and our psyche.

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In such cohesive circumstances an individual may take on greater responsibility than appropriate, often leading one to feel responsible for others’ feelings, failures, and alike.

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Given time, most women with anorexia or bulimia will recover.

Relationship Ss for Those in Eating Disorder Recovery: Assertiveness, Boundaries and Communication Contributed by Kateen Someah, New Dawn Treatment Centers Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships can prove challenging for even the most seemingly healthy individuals.

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Previous research studies assert that interpersonal problems contribute to the development and maintenance of eating disorders due in part to the negative effects on self-esteem (Fairburn, 2008).You're Never 'Cured' of an Eating Disorder - The Daily Beast

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