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I have turned-off men that genuinely seemed to be interested in me. You don’t even know this guy, why would you start talking about future plans? And while this may come as a surprise, men actually do not tend to date women they sleep with soon after meeting. Yeah, well, it took me many years to learn this valuable lesson. I’ve received hundreds of emails from men with no profile pics. You wouldn’t believe some of the emails I’ve received from men. Since men think they’re God’s gift to women, they think we should send them a 20 page synopsis on how awesome they are. It either shows he’s not interested or doesn’t have the time for you. Maybe there’s a guy you spoke to a while back and the two of you just never found time for each other, but you still think he’s a cool guy.

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Tell him about it and he’ll put you on nore faster than you can open your tampon wrapper. Acting like you’ve memorized his profile makes you seem desperate. So don’t respond to an email asking about your interest in hiking by saying that you went to the same College and it’s, like, totally awesome and stuff! I’m sure he already knows you went to the same school. And only respond to his messages if they’re worthy of being responded to. He’ll wonder if you’re just sitting around waiting for some guy to contact you. And we all want to avoid attracting men we’re not into. Then we whine and complain to our girlfriends about how every guy is an asshole. But wouldn’t it be more fun to start dating the rht men. How we write our profile and the type of pictures we upload will impact the type of men that contact us. In that case, go ahead and post slutty photos of yourself.

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I’ll be honest, I’ve received hundreds of emails from guys that clearly never read my profile.

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