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A fire is kindled, and live salmon thrown into boiling kettles." Incidentally, the two meanings of the verb 'poach', which are 'steal game' and 'cook by simmering in water', both derive from the French 'pocher', which means 'put in a bag'.

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As you may have realised, the expression 'a kettle of fish' doesn't refer to tea-kettles but to the long saucepans that have been used for centuries to poach whole salmon, namely fish-kettles.

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The 'cook by boiling' is less intuitive and derives from the poaching of eggs, in which the egg white forms a pocket for the yolk.

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It may be an allusion to the confusion of bones, head and skin that is left in fish-kettles after the fish has been eaten.Where did the phrase "a different kettle of fish" orinate?

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