Funny speed dating skit

Great speed dating questions for a Christian ! Would

A: Obi-Wan Cannot Be Q: What do they serve at a Rebel Alliance cantina?

Video Hilarious 'College Football Playoff speed

Everyone's in on the action: a hopeless people-pleaser, a Frenchman, a guy hung up on his previous girlfriends, an art therapist, a clown, and more. Seventeen crazy characters search for love in a round-robin game of speed dating.

Star wars <b>speed</b> <b>dating</b> - ultra <b>funny</b>, superbly made spoof/parody

Star wars speed dating - ultra funny, superbly made spoof/parody

A: Game of Clones Q: Why did the angry Jedi cross the road?

Tbgss - lesbian speed dating on Vimeo

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you love Star Wars, may the force be with you. Speed Dating sketch - YouTube

Funny speed dating skit:

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