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The bass version of the Hofner Club Semi Acoustic guitars (Model 125/126/128). Produced between late 19, but Hofner have recently been marketing a re-issue.

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Produced between c1957 and the late 1970's, (although it was replaced in the UK by the President Bass in the UK Selmer catalogue from 1963).

Tell me about Aria Pro II guitars Harmony Central

Tell me about Aria Pro II guitars Harmony Central

Both these large bodied basses were not initially marketed at all strongly by Hofner in Europe, unlike Selmer in the UK who had the 500/5 in their catalogues from around 1958 onwards and the single pickup 500/3 from 1960.

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Developed from the Hofner mid-range 6 string archtop Model 4550 with its 17" wide but slimmer body (2.5"), this is the bass, which in Selmer "Electric Bass Guitar" guise, was made famous by Stu Sutcliffe in the Beatles' formative years.Dating gibson t top pickups, Chat me live adult

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