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Key pieces: Floral dresses, colorful statement necklaces, A-line skirts, ballet flats, feminine blouses, quirky accessories, statement bags, rompers, anything with polka dots or with tulle involved. She always has fun with fashion, taking cool risks and looking fresh at every event she attends.

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This point is important when it comes to thinking about house style -- for example, I'm a fun-loving Hufflepuff who also breaks fashion rules on a Gryffindor level. My goal with this post, then, is not to peonhole you to one set style based on your Hogwarts identification.

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For example, no one is going to claim that Gryffindor Hermione is not a Ravenclaw-level whiz.

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Whether you've taken the official Pottermore quiz or just know in your soul where you belong, houses are a b deal in bgest personality indicator, IMHO?The Hogwarts Houses, Each houses in a relationship with ravenclaw

Hogwarts house dating style:

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