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Puffs love brht colors, pretty prints, twirly skirts, and playing with prints and proportions.

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Your style is sleek, confident, and sexy, and you always know exactly the rht thing to wear for any situation, be it a job interview or a girls' nht out.

SparkLife The Ultimate Guide to <strong>Hogwarts</strong> <strong>House</strong> Compatibility

SparkLife The Ultimate Guide to Hogwarts House Compatibility

I know I'm not alone in saying that I feel a strong identification with where I was sorted.

Now You Can Go to Hogwarts in REAL LIFE Sort Of

This point is important when it comes to thinking about house style -- for example, I'm a fun-loving Hufflepuff who also breaks fashion rules on a Gryffindor level. My goal with this post, then, is not to peonhole you to one set style based on your Hogwarts identification.Why the Hogwarts Sorting Hat Is a Bad Idea -

Hogwarts house dating style:

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