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Maybe offer hints on getting smegma out from between your teeth.

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If I could be a fly on the wall anywhere, it’d be at a diner with two small-town soiled doves yakking it up, except that I’d probably get stuck to the wall. The difference between noting a potential hooker from a car at twenty-five per and actually stopping your car to accuse her of a hooker is tremendous.

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I began to leaf through the local paper’s “hot massage” section. The first ended abruptly when Ryan slapped the phone out of his hand. But in that moment I realized that there was a gray area that’s not written about: How to pay for it.

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It’s because they thought I had enough money to buy the girl. However, they kept bugging me over and over again that I them as a compromise, saving them the trouble of actually finding one. but my tender conscience wouldn’t let me pull a Crying Game on these two bozos. We spen the rest of the evening noring the increasingly eager messages left by the transsexual, who was apparently having a bad nht and looking to pick up some business.Port Manteaux Word Maker - OneLook

Hookah hookup high point north carolina:

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