Is rich dollaz dating diamond strawberry

Sneak Peek - Rich Dollaz Does The Unthinkable - Love & Hip Hop.

If you saw last week’s initial reunion, you know the arguments, accusations and Erica Mena‘s low-blow comments were just the icing on the reality TV show cake. Last week’s episode ended with the speculation that Rich Dollaz and Diamond Strawberry had sex in the bathroom of a restaurant in episode 12.

Love & Hip Hop 8 WTF Moments From Season 5, Reunion Special.

Jhonni attempts to lunge at her and has to be taken away by security before she starts throwing punches at not only Diamond but also Lisa.

<b>Diamond</b> <b>strawberry</b> Hip Hop Vibe

Diamond strawberry Hip Hop Vibe

When Nina starts talking about the bathroom audio during the clip of Diamond and Jhonni’s fht at the bar, the singer can’t hold it in and she lashes out at Diamond.

Rich Dollaz Confides in Cisco Of All People for Advice on How to.

And while producers aired some never-before-heard audio, Rich claims that no sex (or anything else) occurred behind closed doors.Love & Hip Hop' Season 5, Reunion Part 2 Recap Erica Mena.

Is rich dollaz dating diamond strawberry:

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