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Monica admits repeatedly that she doesn't pay attention when he talks about his work, but finally learns what kind of work he does after he quits in the Season 9 episode "The One with Christmas in Tulsa", although he had mentioned his job title during Season 8 in "The One with the Cooking Class", a job which inspired Chandler's oft-referenced office slang word "WENUS" (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems), as well as the "ANUS" (Annual Net Usage Statistics).

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In an alternate reality episode ("The One that Could Have Been"), Chandler does quit his job and works as a freelance writer, specializing in comics.

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It is seen in many exterior shots that he works at the Solow Building.

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He reveals in one episode to have a large, unspecified sum of money which he has saved for six years.Chandler Bing - pedia

Mom dating friend's dad:

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