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The first one commented how Bengalis went scurrying for their bottles of Gelusil, thinking their heads were reeling from the mutton they had gobbled for lunch.

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If I can recollect the news pushes on my phone correctly, the toll climbed to 500 from 49 in an hour and then went to the shocking, numbing spiral that crossed 3,500 in a day. It's perhaps difficult to put in words what one feels after the first flush of social media excitement washes over and a reality as massive, as fearful as the Nepal earthquake becomes evident. What it also reveals is how social media has changed the way a news is absorbed by people across the world.

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In another hour the cacophony that had seized my timeline as people experienced the quake first-hand died into a murmur and the first reports of deaths started pouring in.

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Hours after the first wave of comments on the earthquake died, a host of other status messages berating the wisecracks on the quake surfaced on Twitter and .Nepali funny quotes - Cunepal

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