The hook up noodles

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Yes he did tell me he couldn't wait to cook me some of his new recipes he's learned inside, but he did say he wanted some of my home cookin first :) he makes some kind of cake with dr pepper, cookies, and zingers: interesting : and the ramen with all kinds of stuff thrown in is a popular meal. I won't put up with him eating BS that does not help work his brain rht. I want him HEALTHY and what we feed our bodies shows out in our brain processes.

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I LOVE him too much to let regect "food" into his body. If the State/Feds say it is rht --- it is SURELY W R O N G!!

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FOTM January 2015 Hook-Up Crayfish Fly of the month Fly Tying.

Although that oatmeal one doesn't sound too bad :)I have not experienced this yet, but a friend of mine once told me as soon as he comes out of prison he mht need to cook prison burritos for his son (and/or teach him how to cook them), because that's more or less the only meal he knows how to cook *grin* Sadly my man has never told me what kind of food he gets at prison although I have asked him sometimes in my letters. He also said they will mix and eat ramen noodles with tuna yuck.

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Friday nht he told me they served peanut butter sandwiches and he put a brownie inside of his. My love was telling me that when he comes home he was gonna make me a "b boy dew wap". He told me he had roman noodles with peanutbutter for dinner tonht! We still joke about how when he gets back out, he is never allowed to cook for me again! Raman noodle, doritos, tuna, chicken, mayo, mustard, etc. They are so creative in there, my husband tells me about stuff they make I just can't ever remember. Two weeks ago during the visit my husband told me was really full because he had a good lunch. If i remember correct, it consisted of crushed ramon noodles and crushed saltine crackers mashed together with honey mixed in it, for a crust, ranch dressing for a "sauce", tuna, cheese, and some other stuff i cant remember now for topping, and he microwaved it! Lmao My husband actually made me one of these, he ed it "prison pizza" DISCUSTING BTW LOL! I guess they develope a taste for stuff like that, cuz he ate the shit out of it! It had ramen, canned chicken, cheese, mayo, and hot sauce, all wrapped up in a tortilla. : ) This is what he emailed me There is 2 diff ways to make crust in county you can use ramen noodle soups and bread to make dough . This time around, he hasn't mentioned it, but then again, I haven't talked to him much either. i think if i let him make me a spread, ill choose what ingredients to put in it lol Ha,ha! Desserts that would make you gain ten kilos in one I've always cooked for him... Mix ramen, chips, and slim jims in a baggie then add hot water to it, wrap the bag up into a dish cloth to help keep warm while it sits to all soften together.Teen eats just ramen noodles for 13 years - NY Daily News

The hook up noodles:

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