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She helped us locate five couples willing to tell us how they went about finding their horsey s-o through cyber dating.

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We've all heard about those equestrian-oriented online dating services. To find out, we decided to talk to the folks at Equestrian, the most recognized dating service for horse people worldwide.

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All that evoked a feeling and image that can't be portrayed in a regular conversation."When they did finally connect by phone, they talked for hours, "as if we'd been friends for a long time," says Connie.

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They also planned a day to meet in person a week later."I'm cautious, so for our first meeting I had my sister in tow, and we all went skiing. he took me horseback riding through the snow all around his ranch."It was a gorgeous, sunny Colorado day in February, and the horses were perfect," she continues.Dating Tips - AskMen

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