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Try not to use them if you want a man to notice, and be impressed by, your profile.

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Here are 5 clichés to avoid and what you should say instead. Instead of just saying “I want a good man,” say something like “I want a sensitive man who isn’t afraid to be romantic.” Beaches and sunsets are perhaps the bgest online dating clichés of them all. Mention hobbies like this, rather than the stereotypical walk on the beach. The best way to avoid clichés is to be specific, be yourself, and not say anything that is painfully obvious.

Male online <strong>dating</strong> clichés - list profiles cliche Ask MetaFilter

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If you write a bunch of general thoughts or cliches you don 8767 t stand out to the reader and there is nothing for them to grab onto if they want to contact you. No matter your age, gender or appearance, it’s never too early to get in touch with someone you find appealing.

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Don’t waste space talking about what you don’t want, focus instead on what you do. Though painfully obvious, statements like "I love life" or "I love having a good time" appear on thousands of online dating profiles. What things are you into that mht interest others? A little more information can make this statement more interesting. The Most Intruing Online Dating Message Ever - New York Cliché

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