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What is this role, and how healthy is a reliance on technology for the creation and sustainment of romantic relationships?

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Technology that once supplemented relationship development is now, it seems, taking on a larger role in relationship formation and maintenance.

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People of all ages in newer relationships (less than one year old) also tend to text with greater frequency than people in more established relationships (Coyne et al., 2011).

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In one sample, over 90 percent reported texting to connect with a partner at least once a day (Schade, Sandberg, Bean, Busby, & Coyne, 2013). Teenagers report an impressively hh rate of text-based communications with their boyfriends and girlfriends, with rougy 20 percent of teens who date texting their dating partner 30 times per hour or more during after-school hours or the early or late evening (Teenage Research Unlimited, 2007).Texting-While-Dating Rules to Simplify Your Love Life HuffPost

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