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It was awesome.” —Description of the “best Atlanta date you’ve ever had” SINGLE STATContrary to popular opinion, there is no huge surplus of single women compared to single men in Atlanta.

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On the other side of the gender barrier, “Southern gentlemen” are a draw for one singleton.

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YES75% BESTS AND WORSTSA frequently cited plus of Atlanta’s dating scene is diversity. JAMES27% say their love lives most mirror FIRST DATE38% prefer drinks35% prefer dinner STOOD UP90% claim they’ve never done it69% claim they’ve never had it done to them YA MEET PEOPLE IN THE STRANGEST PLACES29% dated someone met at a bar10% dated someone met at church Woman: “I met someone at Sister Louisa’s and it turned into this incredible six-hour-long date full of some of the best conversation I’ve ever had.

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“Picking up pizza from Antico, along with Champagne, and going to Piedmont Park at sunset to eat.Why Dating In Atlanta Is Different Than Anywhere Else - Thrillist

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