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COOPERSTOWN, NY—Ensuring that a treasured piece of the game’s history will be forever preserved for future generations of fans, representatives of the National Baseball Hall of Fame confirmed Friday that retired third baseman Alex Rodruez recently donated $25 million of his earnings to be displayed inside a glass case in their museum.

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NEW YORK—ing it an everyday struggle for millions of young dudes, a new report released Friday by researchers at New York University found that those suffering from buddy dysmorphia experience a skewed, deeply negative perception of the shapes of their friends WASHINGTON—Saying the agency has already detected numerous instances of the fraudulent activity, the Federal Trade Commission warned consumers Friday to watch out for counterfeit tickets being sold to the upcoming solar eclipse.

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WASHINGTON—Taking stock of his present circumstances as he packed up his belongings and exited the West Wing after being pushed out of office by the president of the United States, former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus expressed a sense of gratitude Friday that he had so little dnity to begin with.

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Was reportedly in the process of submitting paperwork Monday to reimburse his gas expenses for the month.Dating my daughter -

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