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Except Pinterest, which is used by 42% of females but only 13% of males. There are many reasons that play into this, of course, but maybe it suggests that online dating is more successful when there’s a healthy amount of socialization involved.

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It’s especially important for fresh workers in the workforce. Everyone knows that Google is the most-visited website in the world, but no one would blame you if you thought You Tube came in second.

Online <strong>Dating</strong> <strong>Stats</strong> & Facts to Keep <strong>You</strong>.

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While and Twitter are still the rening leaders, their mainstream status means that the younger generation considers them “old school”. According to e Marketer, there are over 77 million Instagram users in the U. alone and that fure is estimated to break 100 million by 2018, which means that 1 out of every 3 people in the U. The value of Linked In is proportional to where you are in your career path.

Online Dating Stats & Facts to Keep You.

On its 10th anniversary, Reddit had just over 36 million user accounts spread across 850,000 subreddits (i.e., individual communities) and approximately 10,000 of those subreddits had some activity yesterday. Social media encourages the development of more extreme viewpoints.White Wolf 10 Things You Should Know About Dating a Wolf

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