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"In general, there's a lot of interest in the capability of the platform in terms of what it can do, its flexibility in terms of being able to take off and land vertiy yet still have that speed and range capability.


The Navy also plans to buy 48 slhtly modified Ospreys, a new variant that will be known as the CMV-22 and desned with greater fuel capacity for slhtly longer range.

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More Countries May Buy V-22 Osprey as

Japan reportedly plans to base several of its Ospreys on the helicopter carrier Izumo, and deploy more to the East China Sea to defend its territorial holdings.

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Dan Robinson, the military's V-22 Joint Program Manager, indicated it's likely that more countries will sn on as part of the Osprey's third multi-year procurement contract, expected to be negotiated before the end of this year.Navy Dating at

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