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Author: Steppenwolf_20Fandom: Glee, set in first year of college, possible minor spoilers for season 4Setting: It’s freshman year at college for Rachel and Santana, in New York, and Quinn, at Yale. Pairing: Faberry, Brittana, Faberrittana, past Rachel/Finn, Wordcount: 5164 G! I’ll go get the booze and some cups.”They settled down around the couch table and Santana reappeared with two more bottles of wine, a bottle of Jack and some red solo cups.“Okay, here are the rules. They all knew the game.“Obviously Britt since it was her idea.”They all nodded in agreement, filled their cups with wine and Brittany started.“Okay, this first one is easy, to get us started. “I never kiss and tell,” she said, but delhted that Quinn had also drunk. “Never have I ever had sex with a guy.”This time Quinn was the only one who didn’t drink.

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She has her mind set on having the surgery first.”“She still wants to go through with it? But in her case it’s actually a 15% death rate and the chance that it will even work is only 25%. “ Santana shrugged, even if Brittany couldn’t see it. I gotta get going, so you better Quinn now and get your sexy mind to work on the details. So what, she could die, but it wasn’t like she was really living rht now anyway. She had to take care of that in the shower; as she had told Quinn, she could be quiet. Funnily enough Brittany was playing Glinda, while Kurt was the Wizard and Santana was Nessa. We’ll take care of you.”Brittany then buried her hands in Quinn’s hair and leaned down to kiss her, Quinn meeting her halfway.

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Besides her family Santana and Brittany are the only people who know about this secret. Spring Break is around the corner and Kurt left for Lima. Authors note: sorry for the rather lame title, but since there is not much plot in this story finding a better one that was G-rated was a little complicated. Santana huffed; glad that Rachel thought that this was what it was all about. What was your last erotic dream about, as detailed as you remember?

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Hell, she would rarely admit to Rachel being her friend. When Quinn left the library around 4 pm for, a really late, lunch she shed at all the missed s she found when she turned her cell back on. ’ She was puzzled about the number of them when she could usually go for days without anyone ing her. She leans over me and bites my neck and I can feel something hard pressing against my lower back. If you could have sex with anybody in the world, who would you choose. “Hmmm, you taste like Quinn.” She hummed approvingly.Glee Fanfiction - Girls worried - Wattpad

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